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  • Say “This Word” To Cut Anyone In Line (Works 96% Of The Time) @aniksingal

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user5694786638228 (@big_daddy4040) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago

A study out of Harvard says that when you say “a study out of Harvard say” you’re 96% more believeable

isaiah (@blackthunder69420) TikTok Profile Photo 20 days ago

honestly unless I'm really in a rush I'd let anyone cut in line for any reason as long as they asked

thatpanman (@thepamanbigboi) TikTok Profile Photo 12 days ago

gotta say pretty unbelievable got a sauce?

DALEXIS (@itsdalexis) TikTok Profile Photo 20 days ago

one secret word: LARRY!!!

Ron (@moodycocktails) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago

Try that in NYC 😂

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