clorichards - Chloe 1 week ago
clorichards - Chloe

For everyone wondering how to record the pictures you have to go to green screen effect and record it WITHOUT your face or body in front of your camer

 jared_football - Jared Witherow 1 week ago
jared_football - Jared Witherow

Now ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: Who Asked (Feat: Nobody Did) ───────────⚪────── ◄◄⠀▐▐⠀►► 𝟸:𝟷𝟾 / 𝟹:𝟻𝟼⠀───○ 🔊

 hillarykreid - Hillary 1 week ago
hillarykreid - Hillary

go to wallpaper scroll all the way down to live photo’s. now on the bottom of the screen click the live photo button and turn it off. then set it

 soapy_caylx3 - 💛 2 days ago
soapy_caylx3 - 💛

If you don’t want everyone to see it then why did you post this because now everybody sees it

 frenchfrypotatolettuce - carrie ( ; 3 days ago
frenchfrypotatolettuce - carrie ( ;

IT WORKED. for everyone wondering how to set it as a live wallpaper. it won’t pop up using wallpaper in the setting. you have to go into camera roll-

 haris_tha - haris 3 days ago
haris_tha - haris

I did all of it and the photo was properly saved as live. But when I put it as a wallpaper it’s not moving if I hold it pressed.I only see the 1st pic

 alimarie24 - Ali Marie 3 days ago
alimarie24 - Ali Marie

You have to add a sound in order to save it as a live photo, and for it to pop up in wallpaper!😊

 sydneysmith685 - Sydney Smith 3 days ago
sydneysmith685 - Sydney Smith

If you just get a Live Photo converter app, it will convert any video you have into a Live Photo that you can use as your wallpaper.

 gauge_howard - Gauge 2 days ago
gauge_howard - Gauge

You could just download the app “VideoToLive” and turn any video to a live photo

 mariec...03 - marie.c. 2 days ago
mariec...03 - marie.c.

DOWNLOAD PICPLAYPOST APP. It’s a million times easier, free, and works! I just put mine together in 10 min

 playgirl.pey - Peyton Reightley 1 day ago
playgirl.pey - Peyton Reightley

if it doesn’t let u save as a live wallpaper. download the app intolive and it will let u make any video into a live wallpaper. take this to the top

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