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  • It’s that time of the month again… We got this! ♥️ #hormonalacne

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Sté 🦋 (@stestuber) TikTok Profile Photo 1 month ago
Sté 🦋

And also u should try drink mint tea! It’s really worth!

zuihande (@zuihande) TikTok Profile Photo 2 months ago

i have hormonal acne and its the worst thing ever!! You can take care of your skin for a month and it just starts to break out like crazy🥺

Danzz (@dannnzzz) TikTok Profile Photo 1 month ago

Sadly when i put pimple patches on top of serums/creams it makes my acne worse. So I usually apply the patch on clean dry skin

A❤️ (@love_moodboard) TikTok Profile Photo 1 month ago

Hormonal acne is a nightmare 😩

CatarinaBc (@cjb6527) TikTok Profile Photo 1 month ago

the only thing i'm using on my skin right now is panoxyl, clyndamicin (sorry) gel & the larouchpus matte mosturizer & aquaphor. what else should i do?

esperanza (@espeisadora) TikTok Profile Photo 1 month ago

you should put pimple patches on before putting any product on your skin :)

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