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  • Does your skin get dry and flaky during winter? ♥️ #dryskin #winterskincare #skincare

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Cami 🌼 (@camilalpz__) TikTok Profile Photo 1 month ago
Cami 🌼

hi! So after all of that, do you apply a hydrating cream or just that?☺️I have very dry skin in the winter

Jess✨ (@jessiexdawn) TikTok Profile Photo 2 months ago

I use the peach slices snail mucin and moisturizer, amazing stuff.

M (@malak38270) TikTok Profile Photo 2 months ago

First ✨🫶🏼

Alpyn Beauty (@alpynbeauty) TikTok Profile Photo 2 months ago
Alpyn Beauty

😍💗🤩🤩 girly you need to try our lip mask !!

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