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  • #stitch with @weird_mum17 the only bright side is that “I love a mamas boy” will never run out of seasons #mamasboy #iloveamamasboy #complex #son #motherson #weirdmom #eww

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Nickelsknots (@nickelsknots) TikTok Profile Photo 3 months ago

Honestly if she’s eating all the food in the house I’d make sure to pack her leftovers, maybe she doesn’t have food at home!

penny (@thepen.ismightier) TikTok Profile Photo 3 months ago

pregnant w a boy, i can't wait for him to bring his friends or partner around bc i love to cook and nurture. this attitude is so strange to me.

🦦 (@littlesnailtrail) TikTok Profile Photo Yesterday

idk the age of those kids but if my son had a gf that eating all the food I’ll make sure to give her even more bc what if she doesn’t have any at home

Tañita (@x.files.being) TikTok Profile Photo 6 days ago

...and some sisters with their brothers are this way too 😬 yikes...

Angel♥︎ (@mainlyyyangel) TikTok Profile Photo 7 days ago

If my son of daughter get a bf or gf I’m gonna treat them like they belong in the family I’m gonna treat them like their my own child🙁

Yave (@yave02) TikTok Profile Photo 11 days ago

If that’s chili pepper, I honestly still gonna eat that. It is tasty. 😅

Daisy (@user865121705453) TikTok Profile Photo 13 days ago

The way I see it, if you truly love your kids, your love will be extended to those your kids love. There’s no ifs and buts about it

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