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  • Weight for it... #caughtoncamera #beyondfamily #trinityandbeyond #RufflesOwnYourRidges

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Savannah_love41 (@savannah_love41) TikTok Profile Photo 4 months ago

The mom:😳🖐😯🤭the dad:😨😱👨‍👦

Josy L905 (@josyl905) TikTok Profile Photo 4 months ago
Josy L905

is the poor baby okay🥺

B Wilkerson (@time_to_wakeup) TikTok Profile Photo 3 months ago
B Wilkerson

😳 when my kid does that. I don't even make eye contact. if they do, they get did that toy just smack you. your ok 😂 not tryin to raise a wimp

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