oeda0 - Aida 2 weeks ago
oeda0 - Aida

нам всем иногда нужен такой брат😂

 jj_t6 - JJ_t6 2 weeks ago
jj_t6 - JJ_t6

so he just carrying around the 80 pound speaker like its a backpack

 iamdiandrat - iamdiandrat 2 weeks ago
iamdiandrat - iamdiandrat

Also to answer the questions yes he does have a very new gf, Also he doesn’t have an @ like and I’ll maybe convince him to get a tiktok!

 maikebll - Maike 2 weeks ago
maikebll - Maike

Fällt keinem auf, dass er das Getränk hochhebebt, wenn es im Lied " I got the soda" heißt?😂😂

 luvyougus - 🖤 2 weeks ago
luvyougus - 🖤

also ich würde so einen Bruder gegen 3 Geschwister ein tauschen

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