litseetttyyyy - Setty 1 month ago
litseetttyyyy - Setty

Dress code or not he didn’t have to be rude and say “you can go eat at McDonald’s”

 nick.killian - nick 1 month ago
nick.killian - nick

Nahhh that was clean when we he said “I might buy this spot just to fire you”

 samhayes4 - Sam Hayes 1 month ago
samhayes4 - Sam Hayes

everyone is saying they have a dress code but the guy keeps talking about how it's too expensive for him and that he should go to McDonald's so

 nicolebrandborg - Nicole Brandborg 1 month ago
nicolebrandborg - Nicole Brandborg

Almost No restaurants serve homeless people because they often walk out on their tab so they rather refuse service. They have that right 🤷🏼‍♀️

 lydias22 - Zzz 1 month ago
lydias22 - Zzz

I understand some place have dressing code. The poor waiter is not rich either and just try to do his job.

 alvareziii - Glenboy 2 weeks ago
alvareziii - Glenboy

its a good story and lesson for others but you know man i think the waiter is just doing his job, their are some considerations you know...

 you_little_ratatata - Rat🐀 1 month ago
you_little_ratatata - Rat🐀

The fact that he literally looked at him and said “this place is a little too expensive for you” that was just cruel

 sourpattchkids - sour patch kids 1 month ago
sourpattchkids - sour patch kids

Yall saying “dress code obviously”. But that was no reason to say; “go eat at McDonald’s, this place is too expensive for you”

 kturb - kturb 1 month ago
kturb - kturb

if it was dress code he could have said “we have a dress code” instead of telling him it’s to expensive and then telling him to go eat at McDonald’s

 islandguy561 - Evan IslandMan 1 month ago
islandguy561 - Evan IslandMan

This is for the server🖕 never judge someone period! You never know what they are going through to the gentlemen who did this thank you for doing this

 mukesh.saleh - mukesh.saleh 1 month ago
mukesh.saleh - mukesh.saleh

If you believe this is real then I just don’t know what to tell you other than please check yourself into a mental hospital

 smartc00kee - EmbarrassingMyself4U 1 month ago
smartc00kee - EmbarrassingMyself4U

ppl saying there's a dress code- ok he should have just said "im sorry sit there is a dress code; suit jackets required" not "you can go to mcdonalds"

 _lxnxy - tiktokerin 1 month ago
_lxnxy - tiktokerin

Der Kellner persönlich kann glaube ich nicht mal was dafür weil wenn sein Chef das so sagt egal ob er es wollen würde

 lilkeezz - lil keezz 4 weeks ago
lilkeezz - lil keezz

the waiter literally said “i think this place is a little expensive for you” it’s got nothing to do with dress code

 ximenes2456 - ximenes2456 1 month ago
ximenes2456 - ximenes2456

If it’s a dress code thing then say it’s a dress code thing and not “go eat at McDonald’s “...tho still fake

 ellacodes_ - ella codes 2 weeks ago
ellacodes_ - ella codes

he's not rude. it's just a policy, you know. he might get fired if he let u go come. He's talking to you calm, not rude.

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