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  • Eu achej que combinou muito!! #batom #makeup #tomideal #sephora #anastasia

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Sté (@stefani_jehh) TikTok Profile Photo 22 days ago

Explica isso direito mulher 🤯

Karla Martinez (@karlamartinez893) TikTok Profile Photo 17 days ago
Karla Martinez

Wait please tell me you didn’t use the tester 😳

milrose (@milrose1304) TikTok Profile Photo 20 days ago

je fais quoi si mon doigt est violet

Mel (@melaniejane.x) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago

I was going question the tester looks like everyone already did 😂

GoAway (@lizz._.liz) TikTok Profile Photo 19 days ago

Not me squeezing my finger while watching this to see what my color is 😅

lowlow (@lowlow_fait_du_ski) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago

c'est génial wsh

ml (@xxitsmlxx) TikTok Profile Photo 13 days ago

Ok mais elle utilise le testeur normal

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