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Serenity Melts (@serenitymelts) TikTok Profile Photo 22 days ago
Serenity Melts

Let this lady be proud of how well her body fed her child.. She's not formula feeding shaming anyone. All mom's are in this together. No mom shame.

Kaitlyn (@loreleismama) TikTok Profile Photo 22 days ago

I hate all the “same results with formula” comments. No problem with formula, but obviously in this case the baby was breastfed! Mama is just proud!

Set Free (@webeoutheredoe) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago
Set Free

Formula feeding is great and awesome for ppl who use it, but BFing truly is the best! Your milk changes based on bb’s needs!

TsholofeloPula♥️ (@tsholopula) TikTok Profile Photo 22 days ago

To those that say formula is the same. We don't care if u bottle feed, cow feed watevaaa, this specific baby was breastfed. Relax😂😂

Angie (@xquisitebeautyllc) TikTok Profile Photo 20 days ago

Why do y’all get so pressed about a post that isn’t about your life. Keep scrolling 🙄.

tastybiskitz (@tastybiskitz) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago

you're trying to trick us. that's two babies in a trench coat

crazy.beautiful90 (@crazy.beautiful90) TikTok Profile Photo 21 days ago

I truly never understood what was the big deal about BF until I did it and wow… I’d be so proud too 🥰 it’s not easy but rewarding.

Diana (@deeemee2) TikTok Profile Photo 18 days ago

Aweee cute pie. I don't understand why people even mention formula here. It's really hard to breastfeed and stay with it, you are doing amazing!

Stacy Ewing313 (@novemberrayne65) TikTok Profile Photo 20 days ago
Stacy Ewing313

Awwe how adorable both of my lil fatfats had breastfed rolls. They are 21 and 17 now.

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