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zidahn (@ishowedp45) TikTok Profile Photo 18 days ago

Man finally said bismillah after ages

NaVeEd ZaZaI (@naveed_zazai) TikTok Profile Photo 19 days ago
NaVeEd ZaZaI

After long time i heard bismillah and i do like ur video after long time

mariksonn (@mariksonn) TikTok Profile Photo 20 days ago

sauce should be inside !!!!!

Lily-25 (@hallen8020) TikTok Profile Photo 17 days ago

It's a long time not seeing u saying bismilah I'll follow u again

Ruandzy (@naalyy_99) TikTok Profile Photo 17 days ago

Active is low time to say bsmilah 🙂

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